Engines on Display
Amstrong Siddeley Stentor Mk 101

Rocket engine from a Blue Steel stand off missile as carried by the Avro Vulcan and HP Victor

Rolls Royce Conway 301

This particular engine was fitted to the VC10, but the Conway was also used to power the Boeing 707 and HP Victor.

Rolls Royce Pegasus

As fitted to the BAe Harrier Jump Jet.

Roll Royce Dart

This is a turbo prop engine developed in the 1950's and was used by a variety of Airliners including the Vickers Viscount, HP Herald, AW Argosy and the HS748/Andover

Rolls Royce Viper

The Viper engine was originally built by Armstrong Siddley and was used in a number of aircraft including the BAC Jet Provost/ Strike Master, Jindivik Target drone, DH 125/ Dominie and the Aermacchi MB- 399 among others.

Rolls Royce Nimbus

The Nimbus was built by Bristol Siddeley for the Westland Scout and Wasp helicopters. It was also used to power hovercraft.

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